Control OPPO and OnePlus headphones from the HeyMelody app

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There are many brands that are launching new TWS headphones in Spain, wireless headphones with a form factor similar to the original Apple Airpods. Most of them work completely with Android but there are some features that we can only use from its compatible app, such as the firmware update.

The complexity of the headphones is making it necessary to have an application installed, and it does not always have to be the one indicated by the manufacturer.

Brands such as OPPO and OnePlus have their own apps but the two companies have launched a call HeyMelody that allows us to configure various models of headphones from the two companies.

Setting up the headphones with HeyMelody

Control OPPO and OnePlus headphones from this app

We have downloaded the application from a mobile from another brand and we have been able to configure the OnePlus Buds Z that we are currently testing.

Depending on the headphones we are using, we can do more or less things. In the case of the OnePlus Buds Z we can change the control gestures or update the firmware.

In other models such as the OPPO Enco X we can also check if the pads we have on are the most appropriate or it is better to change them for others that come in the box so that they fit better.

Control OPPO and OnePlus headphones from the HeyMelody app 1

Obviously, the download of the application is free and although it is in early access and is not yet a final application it works perfectly. Of course, we need our mobile to have version 6.0 of Android or higher, something very normal.

And, although it is not normal at all, if we have several different models compatible with the app, we can control them all from the same information panel.

Control OPPO and OnePlus headphones from the HeyMelody app 2


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