Confirmed: the OnePlus Nord will have connectivity 5G

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The OnePlus Nord will be the cheap phone of the brand, as it was confirmed yesterday. This model will arrive shortly on the market, has also confirmed that Spain will be one of the countries where they go to be able to buy this phone. A phone with which the brand seeks to conquer a new market segment, with a adjusted price.

From days ago there are rumors of the possibility of this OnePlus Nord is going to have connectivity 5G. Luckily, this morning we have come out of doubts. Qualcomm was confirmed in error, and a few hours later, the OnePlus confirmed this news to media.

5G for the OnePlus Nord

Confirmed: the OnePlus Nord will have connectivity 5G 1

In a tweet that already have been cleared, Qualcomm confirmed first thing in the morning the OnePlus Nord would use a Snapdragon processor 5G. Although the company had not said what would be the processor that was going to use, everything pointed to that the brand would use the Snapdragon 765G in this processor. A information that various filter-feeders is also shared.

After several hours of rumors, the brand itself confirms that it is indeed Snapdragon 765G the processor used in the phone. This means that this mid-range of the brand will have connectivity 5G, in addition to a good performance. Since this range of processors from Qualcomm is one of the most complete and prominent in the mid-range current, and that we’re seeing in phones like the LG Velvet.

The CEO of the brand has also revealed three key aspects of this phone: their cameras, the experience of use and the quality of OnePlus. On this phone they are going to bring the cameras of the high-end a model of mid-range, but do not give details about how it will be. The presence of OxygenOS and its many customization options is held and the brand looking to launch with this OnePlus Nord a mid-range that will maintain the quality of the brand, the quality to which users are accustomed.

Confirmed: the OnePlus Nord will have connectivity 5G 2

Don’t forget also that the brand organised a survey among its users in June, where they leaked the first specifications of this phone on the cheap, as I already have. Between the same was this the Snapdragon 765G. Now it is already something confirmed so that we know what processor will this OnePlus Nord of the mark, and that will be one of the new models with mid-range to 5G. Soon we hope to know more about its price or release date.

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