Confirmed: Samsung will bring the S Pen to more devices

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Confirmed: Samsung will bring the S Pen to more devices 1

One of the great novelties that we saw yesterday in the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which will soon arrive in Spain, is the holder for the S Pen. Until now, it was only the Galaxy Note range that had this support, but Samsung is looking for more devices in its catalog to have this support. In fact, you won’t be left alone on this Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung looks to launch more phones, as well as other devices with support for the S Pen. What was once the main item in the Galaxy Note range promises to become a popular accessory in the South Korean manufacturer’s phones in the near future.

More Samsung devices with S Pen

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review 00006

Samsung has brought the S Pen to the new Galaxy S21 Ultra, the first of its range to have such support. The brand seeks expand the number of devices within its catalog with support for said S Pen. They have confirmed that they will expand this support between various categories of devices in the near future, although they have not given details at the moment. Everything suggests that it will be both phones and tablets.

The S Pen that we find in the Galaxy S21 Ultra It is not the same as the range of the Galaxy Note has. It does not have the same functions, as there is no Air Actions or Bluetooth control, so it cannot be used in the same way. The new phone is compatible with any Wacom stylus.

The question is whether Samsung will take the S Pen that we are used to seeing in the Galaxy Note range to other phones or if they will leave us with one like the one we have in the new Galaxy S21 Ultra. In any case, it is clear that the brand seeks to expand the number of devices with such support and it has long been rumored that an upcoming Galaxy Fold will have that support.

Now we can only wait for new phones or tablets to be launched within the brand’s catalog with that support.

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