Collabora Office: the best free alternative to Open Office comes to Android

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In Android we find many applications to edit documents, such as the renewed Microsoft Office, which arrives in Spain in the middle of the year, although many users want to use free alternatives, such as Open Office. If you were looking for a free alternative, there is a new application to consider, that arrives with the name Collabora Office.

Collabora Office comes to Android with a new version, where many changes are made to the application. This app is based on the LibreOffice engine for Windows, Mac and Linux. In addition, it is integrated into the Collabora Online cloud. The application is renewed for Android devices now.

An alternative to Open Office

Collabora Office create document

Collabora Office had been available for iOS devices for some time and now, coinciding with the release of its version 6.4, launches for Android devices. This new version of the application comes with improvements in its interoperability with Microsoft Office, in addition to better integration with Chromebooks, so that it works better with keyboard, mouse and screen.

The application has a very easy to use interface, so editing a document will not be complex. In addition, it has many of the functions that are needed or looked for in an application of this type, such as word counter, being able to export in formats such as PDF or DOC, spell check, watermarks, or print something directly from the application itself. . We can not only create documents, but we can also create spreadsheets or presentations. So we have a complete suite in said app.

Collabora Office interface

This application is under development, so we can find us with some bugs in it, like it’s unstable. In the time of use there have been no major problems, on occasion the operation of the app slows down, but nothing serious. Although it is good to be prepared for possible failures or instability.

Collabora Office features

It is an open source application, something important for users who give special importance to the support of open source apps, as well as knowing that they do not have a malicious purpose or are going to use our data. The creators of Collabora Office further confirm that it is an open source app licensed under Mozilla Public License V2.

How to download Collabora Office on Android

The application can be download for free from the Play Store for Android devices. Inside the app there are no purchases or ads, so we can use it without distractions. If you want to download Collabora Office on your phone, it is possible from the following link:

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