Chromecast with Google TV lets you use wired accessories

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In a few hours the new Google smart device will be made official, the Chromecast with Google TV, the first with a remote control and with some other novelty.

Some distributors have put this product on sale ahead of time (although it has not happened in Spain) and of course, several users have been able to try it and have told us some things that had not been filtered.

Using wired accessories

Chromecast with Google TV lets you use wired accessories 1

Since this Chromecast is not like other set top boxes with several connectors, it was not clear if we could connect peripherals. Thanks to the USB C port, it seems that we can connect any peripheral.

In Reddit they have been able to test a keyboard, a mouse, a hard disk … it seems a fairly simple way to turn a television into a kind of simple computer that uses Android.

It is true that all devices with Android TV have support for these peripherals, but they usually have Ethernet inputs or physical USB A ports. In the case of the Chromecast with Google TV, we are talking about a device with a single port, the USB C charging port, which with an adapter as we say, we can enhance using accessories.

Of course, we will have to be careful that the adapter we use is capable of letting electricity pass through the connectors since when using the charging port this will be mandatory.

Chromecast with Google TV lets you use wired accessories 2

Of course, we can also use bluetooth accessories, such as game controllers, compact keyboards, etc.

In a few hours we will know more about this new Google product, when it will arrive in Spain and what its price will be.

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