Chrome for Android launches the groups of tabs

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In the last few months we have seen numerous changes in Chrome for Android. One of them is the way it showed us the open tabs, in a grid. Now this interface has evolved to show us groups of tabs there as well, as happens in the desktop version.

New grid view

Chrome for Android launches the groups of tabs

The new view of the grid presentation has been with us for a few weeks, but in a little less time we have been able to group the tabs to organize the ones that we have open.

To do this, we have to click on the icon with a number next to the search bar. That will open the tabs that we have open, in the grid that we have discussed.

Chrome for Android launches the groups of tabs

When we are there we can click on the icon in the upper right corner, the one with the three dots, and select Group tabs. On the next screen we have to select the ones we want to group.

Another option is drag one tab into another when we are in the overview, something that will trigger the creation of a group, like the folders we do for apps on desktops.

Chrome for Android launches the groups of tabs 1

If we want to remove a tab from a group we have to open that group and, in the floating window that appears, select the one we want to move. Click on it and drag to the part that says Remove from the group, at the bottom. That will send her to the main area.

How to disable this view

If we don’t like the new grid view, we can, at least for the moment, deactivate it in Chrome’s advanced settings. To do this we have to put this command in the navigation bar:

  • chrome: // flags / # enable-tab-grid-layout

When we enter, we select the option Disabled, disabled, and we will have the previous interface. Now we will only have to close the application and reopen it, to use the old interface of open tabs.

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