Careful with this “trick” Spotify: so you can liarla at home if you follow

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Between the music services in streaming, Spotify is one of the most popular on the market, an application that is great for listening to music and podcasts, both in its variant as free on the payment. In addition to its catalog, one of the virtues of Spotify is the pervasiveness of the service, to be available in almost all platforms possible.

And with the confinement, the company is clear. In addition to devices, want the music we want to listen to is the soundtrack of our neighborhood, and for that they are sharing a trick in social networks. A trick terrible.

The absurd trick of Spotify that will break the connection of your home

In these weeks there are many neighborhoods or apartment blocks that are used to mount an after-party of the applause healthcare 20:00. Can’t miss that you have a team of sound and put music to those who are asomados to the balcony.

Taking advantage of this trend, Spotify has suggested a trick to that your neighbor DJ put the song you choose. What is the trick? Change the name of your Wifi network to the song you want to sound.

Do you have some kind of science? What if we changed the name of the Wifi network will start to sound like our favorite music? Not really, because the base of Spotify is more simple than it seems.

The idea in itself is nice (as long as your neighbor is put at read Wi-fi networks), but if you’re not consistent, you can load the connectivity of your home.

Why is it a terrible idea

Careful with this "trick" Spotify: so you can liarla at home if you follow 1

The name of the Wifi network fulfils a double function to display the name. The first is that we can identify the network, while the second is that devices with Wifi can find the network and connect.

The name of your Wifi is the reference of the devices in your home to connect.

If you change the name of your Wifi piece you can break the connectivity of any device that is connected to your router. In particular:

  • Your own smartphone and the rest of the house.
  • Tablets.
  • Desktops and laptops connected by WiFi.
  • Virtual assistants like Google Home or Alexa.
  • Any other device connected by Wifi (bulbs, sockets, whatever).

You do not have to fear, and that is if you put the name of the network to the original return everything to normal. In case you don’t remember the previous name, you can always look it up on any device seeing the networks that you have saved, but can be a nuisance.

But I want to do it even so is there any way of doing it?

Careful with this "trick" Spotify: so you can liarla at home if you follow 2

If the idea of Spotify you liked it and want to do it, go ahead. But we recommend you a couple of ideas to do it in the fastest and easiest way possible:

  1. If you’re going to change the password of the Wifi and you have a computer connected by a key, change the key from him, so you will not need to reconnect to the new Wifi network.
    • To avoid estropicios, saves the name of the previous Wifi.
  2. An alternative that saves you heartache is to create a Wifi hotspot from your mobile. Simply go to Settings -> Wifi Networks -> connection Sharing. And since your mobile you create the Wifi with the name of your favorite music. And you avoid breaking any connection in the home.

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