Camera under the screen: Everything you need to know

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Table of Contents

OPPO officially unveils his camera under the screen: how it works

Phone manufacturers looking to innovate constantly, with new designs, features and improvements. The cameras are one of the areas where more improvements there are, with many changes in the market. A technology that already takes a few months making a lot of noise is the use of a camera under the screen. In fact, several brands in Android working in it.

Although it is something that has been talked about a lot these months, the reality is that the concept of the camera under the screen is something unknown for many users. For this reason, below we collect all that we know about this technology and what we can expect from her in the market.

What is the camera under the screen

As its name indicates, it is a kind of camera that is placed under the screen phone. The sensor is located below the screen of the device, so you can not see it. Although for the sensor to go to be able to operate have met a number of requirements of great importance.

The camera has to adapt and the screen has that becoming transparent when we go to take a picture, in addition to allowing the passage of light. Also there needs to be a continuity between the rest of the screen and the area in which is situated the said objective. In addition, the software must be adapted too, in order to improve the alteration of the image.

The way in which this is possible varies slightly. Xiaomi for example has introduced in their patents a small transparent screen just above the camera. Thanks to this, the sensor has the ability to capture the external image, in addition to regulating the amount of light that enters the sensor, to get the best photos. While other brands like OPPO used a system something different on your camera under the screen.

The use of this type of camera will allow manufacturers introduce new designswith models that are closer to the concept the entire screen. It will be necessary to reserve space in the panel to position the sensor, with either a notch or a hole. So that opens up new possibilities in the designs of the phones, something that is necessary today.

What brands work in it

Until the moment are several brands which have been patented and even introduced their own systems in a formal way. OPPO and Xiaomi are the two brands most active in the development of camera under the screen. The two of us have presented or shown the way in which these work systems to be used in their phones. So you can see that they are quite more advanced than other brands in this field.

Huawei is another brand that has joined also the use of this type of cameras, as can be seen in one of their patents. Also Redmi will be another brand that makes use of the camera under the screen in any of their phones, that was at least his intention, though its CEO has said in interviews that it is something almost impossible.

Although these brands are the ones that most owners have taken over, Samsung was the pioneer, to the patenting by the end of 2018 a system of camera under the screen, the moment has not been known much more. The hyundai brand could work still today, but at least we know that it is a concept that have been raised to use in any of their phones.

For now it is not known whether other brands Android-working in use this type of cameras. It is not unlikely that there are more, or that you are going to keep adding more brands to that list, something that surely we will discover with the passing of the months.

Why does it take so long to reach?

Camera under the screen: Everything you need to know 1

A few months ago, we heard about the concept of the camera under the screen of the phone. OPPO and Xiaomi have introduced such a technology in an official way, but until now has not launched any phone make use of this type of camera. There are several reasons for this, which delayed its arrival to the market.

In particular, two reasons, at least at a general level, that prevent the use of the camera under the screen is already something common in the market of Android phones.

Two main reasons

One of the great fears when it was announced that this technology has ended up being true: The quality of the photos has been compromised. The own OPPO had to admit that the quality of the pictures was worse. This is a problem that has to be solved before you even think about starting the production of this type of sensors or phones. For now has not happened, so this causes that you have to keep waiting.

The other big issue is the production itself. The opposite of a sensor normal and the normal screens, you can not perform even a mass production of this type of cameras under the screen. There are two reasons why this happens, which are the density of the pixels on the screens and the transmission of light:

  1. The density of pixelsscreens today have many, many pixels, something that makes it difficult to accommodate a camera under the screen, because they block too much light.
  2. Low transmission of light: the blocking of the pixels has a direct impact on a poor transfer of light through the screen, making the information captured by the sensor is very much lower than they were in normal situations.

Due to the fact that in the actual screens, the density of pixels is about 400 normally, the light transmission is lowcausing worst photos. If you decrease the amount of PPI and go up the light transmission, there is a gap between the area of the camera and the rest of the screen, causing spots of color in the area of the camera.

This forces brands to work on solutions for that there is a balance between the twothat allow good photos, but the screen is affected, and vice versa. Of time do not know when it will reach such solutions, that is what is generating so many delays in its actual implementation on phones. There are even brands such as Redmi, which put in doubt, at least for the moment, that a solution is feasible.

It seems that missing a couple of years for that is really going to be available in the market. The camera under the screen is something that many manufacturers want to use, but there are a couple of obstacles that have to overcome first before that becomes a reality in the market. What is clear is that it will not be the last time that we hear talk of this technology.

The entrance Chamber under the screen: Everything you need to know appears first in Android Free.