Calling with your mobile from the Amazon Echo: the latest from Vodafone

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Vodafone has announced that its clients in Spain will be the first to enjoy an important novelty. The operator brings users the possibility of being able make and receive calls through Amazon Echo speakers. These calls will be as if the phone number is being used, only it is made from the speaker.

This is made possible with OneNumber service with Vodafone Alexa, who will be in charge of offering this possibility. Users with an Amazon Echo will be able to ask the assistant to make a call or decide whether to accept an incoming call at a certain time.

Vodafone takes your mobile to the Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo 2020

OneNumber customers with Vodafone Alexa will be able to ask the assistant to make a call, using the contacts they have in their phonebook, as well as picking up an incoming call. All this can be done with voice commands, using the same telephone number and rate that you have contracted on your smartphone.

Thanks to the Amazon Echo they will be able to make these calls hands-free, so users can carry out other activities while they are talking, without having to pick up the phone. In addition, to use this function it will not be necessary to pair the phone to the speaker via Bluetooth, which gives greater freedom of movement and makes the process easier.

For the users, the experience will be the same as when they perform a mobile call, with all associated services, with the exception of emergency calls, available. These emergency calls are the only feature that is not available when making or receiving calls through Alexa with this OneNumber service. It will be able to be activated from the Alexa app on the phone, where the Vodafone number can be added.

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From today, users in Spain who are Vodafone OneNumber customers will be able to share their mobile line with Amazon Echo devices. The price of Vodafone OneNumber with Alexa is 1 euro per month, although on the occasion of its launch, the operator has confirmed that customers will be able to enjoy this service for free until December 31, 2020.

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