Buying on WhatsApp will be easier and normal

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Buying on WhatsApp will be easier and normal 1

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in Spain. It is an application that is constantly updated with new features, such as those announced this week. The application is also preparing to make purchases easier with a series of improvements that have already been officially presented by the company.

In its announcement today, the application has said that various fields are increasing its investment, such as the areas of purchases, services offered by Facebook and sales of services for companies. This is done with the idea of ​​improving WhatsApp Business, facilitating purchases or contact with customers on its platform.

WhatsApp will make buying from the app easier

WhatsApp shopping

WhatsApp is currently working on making the application become a way of communication and direct purchase with companies. Because people want to communicate directly with companies and are more likely to buy if the company responds to them or if they have the ability to send a message, this is presented as a good opportunity for many businesses.

This means that the possibilities of make purchases through the application itself. In addition to providing more tools to companies to communicate with customers. It should be remembered that the app already launched buttons to make direct purchases in the app easier weeks ago, so more improvements will be introduced in this field. The app will introduce improvements in three fields:

  •  Shopping: WhatsApp wants to offer more methods in which users can see what products can be purchased from the app and do it directly from a chat. It is intended that companies can show it more easily.
  •  Simple scanning: Facebook seeks that SMEs can begin to digitize their business easily and with its tools, adapted at all times to the needs of each business.
  •  Sell ​​services: WhatsApp will charge its business customers to provide them with some services, while helping the app develop its own business. Not all options will be paid, only a few selected options.

The application seeks to introduce changes in this regard, but they will remain the same old messaging app. Although due to the fact that more and more users make inquiries or purchases from the app, it seeks to make this process easier. Therefore, in the coming months we will see these improvements and changes in the app.

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