Best tips for learning to play as a beginner

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Table of Contents

We are going to go with topics that are of real interest, and that in a certain way differ from the PC version. You can also take into account more obvious aspects, which we will review more above. Some might be letting minions take damage from enemy towers, retreating to base when low on health, or playing with friends as teammates for better communication.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Tutorial and new controls in League of Legends

Wild Rift has been developed from the ground up to offer new tactical controls (although it can be played with keyboard and mouse). This means that now more than ever Riot Games wants to offer a accessibility to the largest number of players possible, so touch controls are simple and pretty clear from the first moment and the title also has some very useful basic tutorials.

rakan lol wild rift skills

Therefore, here is the first tip, which falls flat; play and complete the tutorials and you will learn a lot of concepts and mechanics tools. This will help you adjust to the experience little by little, without any pro coming to crush you. In addition, we also recommend play a few co-op games against the AI until you start to dominate situations a bit.

Which hero is better to start in Wild Rift?

The wide range of champions League of Legends has always enjoyed makes it difficult for a beginning player to decide which one is easier to handle or the one that most closely matches the playstyle in the early games. There are even more doubts when we start to unlock characters that we do not even know what they are called. In Wild Rift of course there are better and worse characters, but especially more than looking at their abilities and attributes we must take into account at the beginning its ease and handling.

wild rift champions

Depending on the role of the character, each one will be appropriate for different strategies playable in games. Remember that in LoL: Wild Rift each champion has an associated role, which are the following:

  • Assassins: generally highly mobile, they offer short-range burst damage.
  • Fighters: for an aggressive and direct style of play, quite off-road.
  • Wizards: powerful and skilled, they distribute long-range damage.
  • Shooters: perfect for playing in the jungle and getting gold.
  • Supports: useful when defending your teammates from a distance.
  • Tanks: ideal for taking front-line damage, very hard.

How to move around the Wild Rift map

The main map for Wild Rift is slightly smaller than the classic PC version and is made to offer faster games and just as intense. We have two teams located on each side and each has a link; the goal of any game is to destroy it to win. However, in between there are a lot of secrets and details that you have to know.

The Baron’s Lane

It is the one marked with a purple serpent and the one that indicates where the Baron Nashor, a terrible neutral enemy that will give us improvements such as greater attack and power for our champions for a limited time. Here you should play a tank or assassin-type champion and progress slowly as you gain experience.

The Dragon Lane

It is the lane marked with a blue dragon, normally reserved for a marksman and a support character to dominate that lane in two-on-two fights. If you are looking for excessive action, this is your position, because it is where it usually gets the most and the place where games are often decided. Yes, the teamwork and control of the situation is key.

wild rift map


It is the stage that is between some lanes and others. The key here is to serve as support for other colleagues. You have to be attentive to the situation of your team and that of the enemy to be able to anticipate possible problems and support where they need you. Look for a character with troop control and ease to escape from problems with which to help and destroy the monsters that you come across there.

Middle lane

Assassins and magicians will gather here to harm everything that comes near and keep the lane under control. You should also keep an eye on what happens in the rest of the lanes in case you have to get on or off lend a hand in possible collisions. It is one of the most difficult positions.

Upgrade the character during a game

Throughout your games, do not hesitate for a moment quickly return to base of your team to buy objects as long as you have accumulated gold coins. The Item Shop has been simplified in this version and lets you recommend the best objects for your character, so with a few taps you can acquire what interests you the most.

Objects will help you improve attributes damage, mobility, magic and derivatives to make you stronger and level up. Also, during the game you can acquire the skills your character and upgrade them when an upward-pointing arrow appears next to their symbol. Moreover, you can unlock and improve skills as soon as you have a chance to make yourself stronger.