Battle Pass, maps and more news

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Table of Contents

The new season lands with a great collection of novelties. These news make it one of the most important news of the year for the title of the franchise on Android. The Call Of Duty update incorporates a weighing more than 2GB, which makes you think about the amount of improvements or implementations that the season brings.

Call of Duty®: Mobile
Call of Duty®: Mobile

What’s New in Season 11 on COD Mobile

With the arrival of the new Season 11 of Call of Duty: Mobile, we will have a new Battle Pass, which will give us access to new soldiers, weapons and more accessories for our game. We will delve into this later, as we are going to detail the new elements that come to us in this new season.

cod mobile season 11 battle pass

First of all, what is most enjoyed in the games of a Call Of Duty is the arrival of weapons. In the eleventh season it was not going to be less, with the Fennec ascended as a star element, a new SMG or a NA-45 rifle for those who want to play with sniper. In addition, it incorporates other widgets such as a ballistic shield, a heartbeat sensor, Advanced UAV points streak, among other things.

On the other hand, and as is customary in the franchise, it brings a new map for all COD users. The truth is that there are two novelties in terms of maps, since a scenario called ‘King’ on the multiplayer map roster, plus a makeover of the Standoff map with an atmosphere focused on Halloween.

season 11 cod mobile standoff halloween

Lastly, a multiplayer game mode has been added, called Cranked to COD Mobile. The patch notes indicate that we must either get kills or help delay the countdown to our own destruction. If the timer reaches 0, the results will be explosive. It will be available to play in Crash, Standoff, Crossfire, Cage, Rust, and Shipment, starting now.

Battle Pass Rewards

Another of the great attractions of the new features in Season 11 is the new Battle Pass. This Season 11 Battle Pass is scheduled to begin as of October 15, and the following are the rewards announced by COD Mobile, such as new epic soldiers, new epic blueprints, and a new legendary business card.

battle pass season 11 cod mobile

The developers have made various optimizations and improvements to the game. Additionally, the ranked series has ended and user ranks have been reset. They will have to restart their routine at the Qualifying Series season 7. All this new content will be accompanied by commemorative events to the anniversary of COD Mobile.