Basic mode on Chrome: How it works and how to turn it on

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Google Chrome is the browser par excellence in Androidthat most use it daily to browse the Internet. This browser has historically been one that is not known for being lightweight (it is pretty heavy), in addition to having a mobile data consumption is quite high, in comparison with others. With the passage of time have been introducing improvements on the same, which allow a lower consumption of data in the same.

A feature that was introduced a few months ago in Google Chrome for Android is the basic mode. Since we talked to you about this way back in the day, but now we will tell you more about the way that it works in the popular browser. Also the way in which we can activate in case you want to use it.

What is the basic mode in Chrome and how it works

Google Chrome

This basic mode is presented with this name on Android, since Chrome for desktop is also known as as lazy loading or lazy loadingthat is possibly you have encountered on occasion. Only in her version of desktop is an experimental feature, while on the phone we can use it already.

When you enter a website, the upload may take several seconds, especially if there are many media items. This not only slows down loading, but also affects the consumption of mobile data, which increased in a remarkable way. The basic mode is a solution to this problem, as it is a technique that it does is do not load the media elementsuntil that will not go away on the screen. This means that when you enter a website, they need less resources and consume less data this way.

When we enter in a website using Chrome on Android, we will not have to wait for then to load such items. As we go browsing the web, will be charged. This basic mode contributes to that the initial load is fasterin addition to reducing the consumption of mobile data when navigating.

Is really a data saver?

This is one of the great doubts of many users, which put in doubt the alleged benefits that this basic mode. Saving data, especially if you have this mode enabled in Google Chrome, you will see that as you use the browser, the consumption will be less. The saving of data that the browser has generated with its various modes of data saving can reach 60% in some cases, as they said in their blog when they introduced this function. Although it will depend on the amount of multimedia elements on each page the amount of data that is going to be able to save.

Therefore, there is a saving in the consumption of mobile data when using the basic mode in Chrome. Depending on the use of the browser, such as the type of web pages that you visit, the savings data may be more or less high. But it is recommended to use it, especially if you have a data rate limited, you can help that does not exceed the rate prior to the end of the month.

How to turn it on

Basic mode on Chrome: How it works and how to turn it on 1

Since last spring, users of Google Chrome on Android you can use this mode in their phones. To activate the basic mode, we don’t have to do too much, because in Android, it has been integrated as a normal function, unlike the computer where you have to activate as an experimental feature. The steps for activation are:

  1. Open Chrome on your phone.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots upper.
  3. Tap in basic mode.
  4. Activates the switch.
  5. The basic mode is already in operation.

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