Available a free exclusive reaction in Clash Royale

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Table of Contents

It’s an implementation that the Clash Royale developers put in place to create greater interaction between players. In this way, it can be a way of expressing themselves before the launch of a card or a movement of the rival, with the aim of creating debate about the cards that are most or least loved.

Prize for an exclusive reaction at the next event

There is an event that starts tomorrow in Clash Royale, under the name of ‘Ram Rider’s Fury Challenge’. This challenge has the peculiarity that it consists of 12 battles in which each victory will count as a new prize. The final reward will come in the form of a exclusive reaction of Clash Royale, although that will be until the end of this challenge, so we will have to make use of the best decks that we have in this strategy game.

Calm down, because the event does not have a single attempt. If in any round or battle we are eliminated, we can always try one more time. Yes, upon payment of some gems that we can get by winning crowns, so it won’t be much of a problem. Therefore, reactions are going to continue to be important in the Supercell product.

More prizes at the Clash Royale event

As we have said, there are 12 battles that this next challenge contains. So, if it comes out to win prize, they can be 12 gifts those that we can receive if we make full in those battles. It is somewhat challenging, but it can be tried. In any case, either in the first attempt or in the second paying, we can get a total of 10 thousand reward coins, a not inconsiderable figure to max out our account a bit.

Clash Royale
Clash Royale

Not only does it have that economic reward and the exclusive reaction as prizes if we are victorious in this challenge. In addition, we wait up to 6 chests in which we can win as many gifts for the game, and in which one of them will be one of the best chests of all Clash Royale. They are all the details that we have so far, since ignoring the prize in coins and that the chests are random, still we don’t know what the exclusive reaction will be resulting from the reward.