At last! Google Assistant will integrate with more podcasting services

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One of the most used functions of voice assistants is to play music. That is why Google focused on it in the presentation of the Nest Audio, the new speaker that we can already buy in Spain.

But that would not be the case if Google forced you to use a specific music service. Yes, we can use Youtube Music, and before Google Play Music closed, but we can also connect Spotify or Deezer.

The choice comes to podcasting

As they have seen in Android Police, Google is working on a new option that will allow us to choose which podcasting application the assistant will use when we ask for one.

At last!  Google Assistant will integrate with new podcasting apps

At the moment we do not know which ones will be chosen, but we hope that there will be the main services, such as Ivoox or Spotify, and also third-party applications such as PocketCasts, of which we have spoken on numerous occasions. However, this is very unlikely since according to the screenshots shown, it indicates that this function will be available not only on mobile phones, but also on smart speakers and displays. It may be available for the premium version of Pocketcasts.

At the moment, this feature is reaching users who have the wizard in English, which are those who have the new settings menu for this program.

We hope that it will soon reach the rest of the markets since it is not a function that makes intensive use of language, which usually means a delay of months or years between the launch of a function in English and the arrival in countries with other Languages.

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