ASUS ROG Phone 4 appears on video… with two screens!

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Last year we were able to analyze a multitude of devices. I personally tried several dozen, but there was one that caught my eye, partly because of how good mobile it was and partly because of its focus. The ASUS ROG Phone 3.

Gaming mobiles are not massive terminals neither in Spain nor in any country, but they are becoming increasingly relevant given that they offer power and autonomy well above the average.

This year ASUS is preparing a new member of this family, the ASUS ROG Phone 4, which could be called ROG Phone 5 given the aversion that Asians have to the number 4, considered there to be the bearer of bad luck.

ASUS ROG Phone 4 is coming soon

ASUS ROG Phone 4 appears on video ... with two screens!

The presentation of this model will be held shortly, and ASUS itself has published a teaser in which it hints.

What the company has not published, but has been leaked, have been two images and a video in which we see the design of the model. Like it went from the ROG Phone II to the 3, the company wants to keep the shape so that compatibility with all accessories that are already sold are not lost.

ASUS ROG Phone 4 appears on video… with two screens! 1

Even so, we see somewhat more contained frames on the front and, above all, a new, very small screen at the back, where until now we had the logo of the Republic of Gamers family.

This screen seems to be designed to emit notifications, but it is strange to have it in this area since normally the mobile is placed with the screen facing up.

We have a clue about the possible name change. If you look at the rear, next to the upper part of the small secondary screen, the number 05 appears, which would refer to the name of the model.

However, it could end up being called ROG Phone 4 since in the Zenfone line we had a model with this number.

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