Aptoide suffered a 'hacking' 20-million accounts, but the company says that is just impact

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After a security breach suffered by Aptoide, a alternative to Google Playthe company has seen filtered the data of 20 million users in a forum of ‘hacking’. These data regarding the e-mails of contact, passwords, real names, IP addresses, device registers, and up to date birthday. Aptoide clarifies that these data relate to only 3 % of its users.

Aptoide is a alternative to Google Play that has always been shrouded in controversy since through it there are a multitude of repositories, where they offer free paid apps. Very popular thanks to this, and with some risk in terms of malwarefrom Aptoide have been implementing security tools, also engaged in lawsuits against Google. And now the platform has suffered a setback: after a security breach, and a hacker has leaked the data of more than 20 million users. Yes, Aptoide has diluted the implications by clarifying that the filtration affects only 3 % of its users.

Risk for those who were registered in Aptoide

Aptoide Credentials Informations

Google Play Store is the official store for Android applications, but it is not the only way to install software in the devices. Given that Google imposes no restrictions on the installation of apps, we can renew your phone with solo download APKs. And one of the most simple and popular is Aptoide, a set of repositories centralized in an Android app (and website) that offers any Android app in APK. Literally.

The controversy has always remained close to Aptoide, both by doubts about its legality as the decision of Google remove Aptoide Android taking advantage of Google Play Protect. Now, as unveiled ZD Neta security gap has been primed with the application platform: 20 million users of Aptoide have been seen to have filtered all their data. The filtration concerns accounts registered and used between July 21, 2016 and January 28, 2018. And includes a multitude of personal data: emails and user passwords, records of use and personal information, such as date of birthday. Yes, the scope is not excessive because only a minimum percentage of Aptoide uses the registryaccording to the company is only 3 % of its entire base of current users (about 250 million according to his own Aptoide).

The security breach affects only those who register in Aptoide to comment on or download applications

In a official press release, Aptoide has confirmed the veracity of the leak. Yes, it takes importance due to a fact: who uses the applications platform does not usually registertherefore not have affected your data. In particular, 97% of those who use Aptoide download apps without logging in. And always for no bank details for.

Aptoide ignores how it came to the security breach, it does confirm that it happened and that the user data is leaked are real. If you are one of those that was registered on the platform it is highly recommended that you change your credentials. And if the password that you used in Aptoide is the usual for the rest of services, the best thing you can do is change it.

Via | ZD Net

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Aptoide suffered a ‘hack’ of 20 million accounts, but the company says that is just impact

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Aptoide suffered a 'hacking' 20-million accounts, but the company says that is just impact 1

Aptoide suffered a 'hacking' 20-million accounts, but the company says that is just impact 2