Apple Music hits speakers with Google Assistant

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Apple Music is one of Spotify’s main competitors in Spain and has been making improvements to its Android application this year. Until now, users could enjoy the app on their phones, but Google today announced a major launch. The application reaches the Google Nest.

The arrival of Apple Music on the Google Nest range of devicessuch as Nest Audio, Nest Hub Max, Nest Mini, and other devices. With this launch it is possible to play music from the streaming application directly on the brand’s smart speakers.

Google Nest are now compatible with Apple Music

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Users with any of the Google Nest who have a subscription to Apple Music will be able to enjoy over 70 million songs on your speaker, without ads, using only voice commands. In order to play music for the first time, the account will have to be linked in the music app in the Google Home app. In addition, it is possible to select it as your default music player app.

You will be able to ask the Google Assistant to play any song, album, playlist, artist or even music genre, simply by using a voice command. It will also be possible to miss you playing the songs in your library easily. If you have more than one device, you can have that music played on more than one device, in different rooms in your house.

The arrival of Apple Music is ideal for users with devices like the Nest Audio, a speaker that stands out for its excellent sound quality, which already made a great impression in its analysis. It can be used on other devices in the Nest range, such as those mentioned above.

The launch of Apple Music on the Google Nest starts today in the United States, Germany, France, Japan and the United Kingdom. It is expected that soon it will reach more countries, including Spain, although Google has not given time dates for said launch.

Apple Music hits speakers with Google Assistant 1


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