Apple Music for Android is updated with the improvements of iOS 14

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The launch of iOS 14 a few months ago, which has already been launched for iPhone users in Spain, means that Apple also updates its applications. One of them is Apple Music, which now updates to version 3.4 and introduces the improvements of iOS 14, also in its version for Android phones.

The music streaming app, rival of Spotify or YouTube Music, thus you get a series of new functions. A new icon, improved search, autoplay or a new section called Listen Now are some of the new features that come to Apple Music for Android, which is already being deployed in the Play Store.

These are the news on Apple Music

Apple Music new design

When you open this new version of Apple Music on Android, you will see that the application has changed its icon, with a less saturated red tone in this case. In addition, the status bar has been changed as well, making it better integrate into the theme of the app. The bottom bar has undergone some changes, since a new section called Listen Now arrives, which replaces the For You tab. Although in this section we find the same, suggestions of music that we might like.

Search is another change in the application, which now places the search icon at the bottom of the screen. When searching, the application suggests a series of categories, in case we are not looking for something specific, but we want to discover music in a certain genre, for example. The app also changes its settings, with easier options for managing mobile data usage.

Apple Music changes

When it comes to playing music, in the tab where you can see what we are playing, the background of it is now generated based on the colors of the cover of the album we are listening to. Apple Music has also changed the Queue functionSince there is now an autoplay feature, it will continue to play music when you have finished playing a disc, song, or playlist. If you want to add songs that you are listening to to your stories on social networks (Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook), it will be possible in the Share song option.

This new version of the application, with number 3.4, has already started its deployment in a stable way in the Play Store, after a few weeks in beta form. If you use the application on your Android phone, this version may already be available, if not, throughout these days it will reach all users.

Apple Music for Android is updated with the improvements of iOS 14 1


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