Apple is not alone: Samsung would include a charger with their mobiles

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So it will be the RAM memory of the next Samsung: 8 GB LPDDR4X

Since a few weeks, it is speculated that Apple could fail to include the charger in the box of their phones, something that would begin with the iPhone 12, planned for the autumn in Spain. A decision that generates divided views, but that could serve as inspiration for more brands. Already also Samsung would be thinking of taking a similar decision.

A half in South Korea now reports that Samsung also would include the charger in the box of their phones. A decision would be mainly based on the reduction of costs that this would involve, but that could certainly have significant implications.

Samsung says goodbye to the charger in the box

Apple is not alone: Samsung would include a charger with their mobiles 1

The use of the connectivity 5G on smartphones has been a remarkable increase in the production costs of the same. In addition, the development of other phones, such as the folding, are expensive. Samsung is forced to find some way to reduce these costs, something that could be done by removing the charger from the phone case. It would be the simplest way to save money without the phones being affected.

In addition, this decision also has a aspect beneficial to the environment. Because the volume of e-waste generated every year would be reduced. The phone industry generates an enormous amount of waste, so having fewer carriers, it would generate less waste. This would be a positive part of this decision of the firm.

This measure could enter into force next yearat least that is already informed several media, so that the Galaxy Note 20, which will be made official next month will continue bringing charger in the box. In addition, this measure could not be applied to all phones, but Samsung would launch some models without a charger in the box on 2021. While these rumors have not been able to confirm until now.

Fast charging

We’ll have to wait to any confirmation from Samsung. If the brand really stops include the charger of the mobile phone in the boxes, as it is rumored that Apple will also, could be the cause of a change in the industry. Since it would not be a surprise if most brands no longer include it also in the future.

The input Apple is not alone: Samsung would include a charger with their mobiles is listed first on The Android Free.