Apple Event: Android summary of all the news, for Androids

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Table of Contents

As much as we like Android, Apple is a brand whose events tend to attract the attention of all the media. Traditionally September is the month of the iPhone, and we were waiting to meet it, although it has not been like that. The Apple Event in September has been dedicated to the Apple Watch and iPad, in addition to offering news in services with Apple One (available in Spain).

This is more or less a summary seen from an Android perspective, maybe a little casual. If you want to know the details in depth, we recommend reading the articles of our friends at Omicrono, where they have created some articles in which they explain the news with the same professionalism, but with greater objectivity:

  • New Apple Watch Series 6 and SE.
  • New iPad and iPad Air.
  • New Apple One: Music, streaming and more in one cheaper package.
  • This has been the presentation of Apple minute by minute.

Apple Watch Series 6: in summary

Apple Event: Android summary of all the news, for Androids 1

  • New hardware:A 2.5 times brighter screen and an Apple S6 processor, which is 20% faster.
  • More connectivity options: U1 UWB chip and 5 GHz Wi-Fi.
    • The UWB chip is interesting since, if you have an iPhone 11 or newer (when they come out) you should be able to determine the location of the clock with the mobile and vice versa with absolute precision.
  • Blood oxygen sensor:Thanks to a new sensor, the Apple Watch 6 is capable of measuring oxygen in blood.
  • Watch OS 7 Key Features Mentioned:
    • Sleep measurement.
    • VO2Max estimation.
    • Reminder to wash your hands.
  • Design: New dials and complications and new straps Solo Loop.
  • Family Setup:It is not an exclusive feature of the Series 6, but it is very cool, since it allows you to link the watches of your children or elderly people to your mobile, so that they can have their own smart watch without having to use an iPhone.

Apple Event: Android summary of all the news, for Androids 2VO2Max estimate on Galaxy Watch 3.

If today the Apple Watch had not convinced you to go to the dark side, the new Apple Watch does not offer many new features that you cannot enjoy on Android. The estimation of VO2 Max is present in the watches of Samsung, Huawei and Garmin, while the measurement of oxygen in blood we have already seen it in watches such as the Huawei Watch GT2, the Galaxy Watch Active and several Garmin models as well.

It is true that the Apple Watch is much more than these novelties, but this generation is just a fine-tuning of several features already available in the competition.

The iPad Air, the most advanced and new rival to beat

Apple Event: Android summary of all the news, for Androids 3

  • Design: The iPad Air ditches the design of the iPad Pro 2017 to use the reduced-bezel design of the iPad Pro.
  • Beast in multimedia:10.9-inch screen with P3 color gamut and True Tone technology. No Pro Motion, so it stays at 60 hertz.
    • We also have four speakers and stereo sound. Apple in this sense makes it great.
  • Cutting edge technology:The Apple A14 is the first ARM chip to be manufactured in a 5 nanometer process, being more efficient than the current high-end 7 processors. This chip, which we will presumably also see in the iPhone 12 is 40% faster in CPU and 30% faster in graphics than the A12 that was in the previous generation Air (or the new cheap iPad).
  • Touch ID: The first Apple device to incorporate the fingerprint reader in the power button. Missed opportunity to incorporate a fingerprint reader on the screen.
  • The right to pay for premium accessories:They are of a magnificent quality, so much that you will want to have them, but perhaps not pay for them.
    • The Apple Pencil, a great indispensable in the user experience. 135 euros.
    • The Magic Keyboard starts at 339 euros. It is probably the most expensive accessory in the entire Apple catalog in relation to its usability.
    • If you want a cheaper keyboard cover, the Smart Keyboard Folio starts at 199 euros.

The iPad Air is an impressive device, but for the first time in years, on Android we havea rival to match, at least with regard to technical characteristics. The new Galaxy Tab S7 that we met at the August event.

Apple Event: Android summary of all the news, for Androids 4

Face to face, Samsung’s premium tablet costs 50 euros more, although it includes the SPen (the Apple Pencil is purchased separately, which makes the iPad + Pencil as a whole 85 euros more expensive). Instead of having the most advanced chip from Apple, we have the Snapdragon 865+, the most advanced within Android.On paper, the A14 should be a better processor, but we will have to wait for the comparisons.

Beyond the performance struggle, the Samsung tablet does have some features that make it a better device:

  • 120 Hz display: In addition to the extraordinary quality of the Samsung panels, the Galaxy Tab do have a higher degree of fluidity.
  • Best for multimedia:The iPad screen is terrible for watching videos because of its 4: 3 aspect ratio. The 16:10 on the Galaxy Tab isn’t perfect, but the video takes up a higher percentage of the screen with more subtle black lines.
  • Definitely better to play: Apple Arcade is fine, but on Android you have Stadia and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you are passionate about triple A, it’s Android time.
  • Apps:The time when there were no apps optimized for Android tablets is far off, and if that wasn’t enough with Samsung DeX we can have a PC interface to use with the keyboard cover or by connecting it to the television, by cable or wirelessly.
    • If it is true that although Android apps are already well prepared to work on a tablet, the iPad does have a better catalog of applications specifically designed to get the most out of a tablet. Also, most of these apps are usually paid (my dear Notability is very worth it if you are willing to pay 9.99 euros).

The cheap ones

It’s the same 2019 education iPad, with a performance update. Instead of using the Apple A10 from the iPhone 7 that they have been using since the 2017 education iPad, this new iPad uses the Apple A12, a processor that Apple already used in the iPhone Xr, Xs and the previous generation iPad Air. Much more performance for the same price, something that is not bad at all.

Apple Event: Android summary of all the news, for Androids 5

If it has been confusing how Apple has touted the performance on its basic iPad stating that it is3 times more powerful than the best-selling Android tablet. This claim is very vague because. What is the best-selling Android tablet? This type of information ends up being confusing and plays with the psychology that we think that the best-selling Android tablet will be the most powerful, but on Android, the cheapest models are usually the most successful in sales.

Apple Event: Android summary of all the news, for Androids 6

The Apple Watch SE is a bit more expensive than the Series 3 and comes to be a Series 5 with some of the improvements of the Series 6. A potential best-seller that could make things more difficult.

Services to remain tied to the ecosystem

Apple Event: Android summary of all the news, for Androids 7

Subscriptions between $ 15 and $ 30 with Apple Music, Arcade and TV + with storage space in iCloud. The most expensive subscription includes News + (which is not available in Spain) and Fitness +, a new service with personal trainer. A more affordable and cheaper set but that could fall short in quality of its rivals.

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