App to track game progress

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Table of Contents

It is a very suitable free app for those clueless who do not remember the progress of their games, not even the last time they played. To keep a more adequate control, this application can fulfill that task very well.

Stash - Game Collection Tracker

What’s Stash Game Collection Tracker About

Its sole and primary objective is to allow keep track of the progress of all our games, regardless of the platform to which they belong. That can apply both to titles that we are passing at the moment and those that we still have pending or awaiting their launch to the market.

stash game collection tracker menu

It has a widest catalog, with games of all platforms and eras. In the first tab of the app we find the most popular titles of the moment or that are being commented the most. Besides, the latest releases and those yet to come also appear. Below, we have more specific categories, even with a very visual calendar for a rundown of upcoming games on the market.

In addition, it also complies with a social role, since it does not offer direct interaction with other users in the community, but allows you to see their ratings in the game, as well as reviews or even community profiles. This platform can turn the game collection into a nice competition with other people.

How to add a game to our collection

To add a title that we are playing and keep track of, we have to go to the second section with the “+” icon. We put the name of the development and we enter a menu full of data. Just by tapping on “Played” we can already configure both our score, comment for the review as the moment in which we find ourselves, whether completed or still in progress. Any modification can be done at any time.

stash game collection tracker games

From there, we can add it to a list in which it allows to choose a name, a characteristic color to it and a description. That list can be found in the third column, where our profile is located. In addition, it is possible to update the information or add if we have tried DLC’s or any expandable content in the game. If it is the case that we have never had it but want to try it, we will find a series of information to know the game in advance, both images, synopses and even trailers or gameplays of it.