App to customize notifications on Android

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Table of Contents

And we are not talking about customization, we are talking about a modification taken to the extreme of notifications. Installing this app, they will no longer work as we have known them until now. Before starting an in-depth analysis, let’s highlight its only two negative points: it is only available in English and is a paid app. But seeing what it offers, it is more than justified, although it has 2 hour trial in which if we are not convinced by the app, we have a full refund of the money.

BuzzKill - Notification Superpowers
BuzzKill - Notification Superpowers

BuzzKill, automate your notifications

Basically it is not a tool that changes the icons of the notifications, or the way to show them on the lock screen, etc. It is an app that allows automate the notifications that reach us, performing certain actions or others. To give a practical example so that it is understood: we imagine that we receive a YouTube notification about a video, and we want the app to open automatically when it arrives and the video begins to play. That kind of thing is capable of BuzzKill, even if we continue with more issues.

buzzkill actions

We can automate notifications for any type of situation, such as hide some of them that are more private or personal, for example, bank notices. Another example can be applied to the world of work, since if an email reaches us outside of our working hours, we can instruct BuzzKill to do not send us the notification until the next day. Therefore, a whole range of possibilities opens up to configure notifications on our Android, taken to the purest extreme.

App to customize notifications on Android 1

As if that were not enough, it also saves a section to consult the notification history, which shows it in great detail with graphs and divided by hours. In addition, from the same history the app allows us to create the rules, once we analyze the notifications that come to us more coldly. The best of all this is that it is collected in a very easy to use interface, where everything is highly automated and everything is activated through simple buttons.

How you can configure BuzzKill notifications

Since we have explained several of the things we can do with BuzzKill, it is time to show how this automation is achieved. When we enter the app, click on “Save rule” to create an action or rule. We select the application that we want to intervene in its notifications with a specific action.

Then we choose the content of the action. For example, we want that when they make us spam by WhatsApp, the notifications automatically stop jumping and are hidden. In other words, if a person or a group begins to send messages without stopping, we can set a time or message limit for the notifications to stop.

Once we have chosen the rule, we must choose the action that BuzKill is going to perform: silence the notification, hide it or postpone it for another set time. In addition to those options, we can lock them so that it is fixed in the notification bar, set automatic responses to certain messaging apps. Even determine different vibration profiles depending on the app that issues the notification.

buzzkill community rules

If it happens that we cannot think of the action that we are going to put to said notification, BuzzKill has a section for explore actions of other users and that they serve us as support. Basically they are rules that the community has established and that we can copy directly by activating them with a button to our terminal.