App to create mockups and screenshots

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Table of Contents

Screenshots are the order of the day on Android, as it is a quick way to capture an image or any type of content. In addition, it is an equally lightweight file to store or share by other applications. We can give a different touch to the screenshots with InstaMocks, a totally free app.

The truth is that it is a fairly primitive format, since the design and size of the terminal screen remains the same, but if we want to do a more elaborate edition and with more elements, this app allows us to customize the screenshot with different ornaments and backgrounds.

InstaMocks - App Screenshot Design Tool

InstaMocks, create the best mockups

As we say, it is a tool to create screenshots with different designs, in a creative and varied way. It is an app more well thought out for a professionally, since it has functions to create the numerous thumbnails with smartphone mounts that we see in the Play Store, or even to reviews of apps and games.

Best of all, it does not have watermarks or any complications that prevent you from having a clean and free PNG mockup. It is very normal to find websites that offer these templates with something in return, either by paying or downloading the file with the corresponding watermark. In this app we do not find any of that, so we can use it unlimitedly.

instamocks mockup

InstaMocks provides the ability to create design mockups on over 40 device templates coming from Android, Apple or even from computer. We can also create custom resolutions according to our needs, even if the mockup is for YouTube or Instagram. Along with this, we will have access to an excellent gallery of varied backgrounds for the captures that will make the mockup very attractive. It is a very powerful app with which we can work with up to 10 images at the same time in a very simple way.

How to create a mockup in InstaMocks

To exemplify how simple it is to create a mockup with this app, we are going to do it step by step with everything that can be done with this tool. We are going to take any screenshot and we are going to customize it with everything that InstaMocks offers us.

  1. We choose the resolution that best suits us. In this case, we have chosen a mockup for Google Play.
  2. Next, we choose the image for the template.
  3. Directly, we find the editor already assembled. In this menu we can select between several Android terminals, such as a OnePlus 7 Pro, a Galaxy S10 or an HTC U12, among others. However, on the initial screen and by clicking on the three vertical points, we can download templates from more devices, such as Xiaomi or Google Pixel.instamocks editor
  4. Apart from that, it allows to choose between various positions of the terminal, as well as the alignment. If we are not satisfied with the final position, in «Transform» can be adjusted manually.
  5. In the same way, we can change mockup background, either with different shades or with another image on the back, as well as adding texts in different positions.