Animals in 3D within the home: so used in any mobile

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The current situation of detention in house that we live in many countries of the world, including Spain, is leading many users to use more their mobile phones or their tvs.

One of the reasons is that children are more time at home, and there are that distract you in the best possible way.

To this end I taremos a way quite innovative, which is free and, in addition, it is educational. It is the use of the augmented reality of Google in your browser.

Animals in 3D with AR Core, the augmented reality of Google

Animals in 3D within the home: so used in any mobile

For a long time Google is betting on augmented reality into their applications. We have seen quite eye catching in Google Maps or Google Lens but there is also a function of this type within the Google search engine.

To make use of the same, we just have to perform a search with certain names. For example, we can look for tiger, horse, wolf, dog, bear or shark among others and in all cases we will be given the option to open a model in three-dimensional animated of this animal.

Animals in 3D within the home: so used in any mobile

When we do we will be asked permission to use the phone’s camera and after doing so the model will appear.

We can move around him and even interacting with the passing of the hand behind, or to get the kids to move around.

We can also change the scale with a pinch in the screen, as we do with the photos, and put it on top of a table and show it to the youngest, to discuss things of the same, and teach them what these animals are.

Animals in 3D within the home: so used in any mobile 1

What mobile phones are compatible

The core of augmented reality of Google, the AR Core, is compatible with hundreds of devices, but not with all. In this link you can see an official list up-to-date mobile phones that are compatible with these services.

How to use this function on any mobile phone

However, even if your device is not on this list, in many occasions, it is possible to install the AR Core by downloading an application. To do this you have to go to this link, download the APK, install it like any other application.

However, it must be clear that there will be older models in that you can not install or not work because they are terminals a little powerful or with camera functions too old.

How to make videos of the animals

If we want to save the clips to send to other people, or save the children with the animals, we can use the function of recording screen that comes on many mobile phones, such as Huawei.

If your mobile does not have this option you can use a third-party application, such as any of the ones I listed in this article.

The input Animals in 3D inside the house: here’s how to use it on any mobile device appears first in Android Free.