Android will have support for the UWB connection: Google is already working on it

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Although there are not many mobile phones available in Spain, UWB connectivity promises to be the latest technology that will begin to expand in the coming months and that you will want in your next mobile. However, for its expansion to be successful within Android, it is essential that there is a standard for developers that allows compatibility of the applications with any mobile.

Although companies like Samsung already integrate their technology and Xiaomi has already shown in video the possibilities of home automation that we will see soon in their new mobile phones and home automation devices. And it seems that this technology will be compatible with Android.

Google begins development of UWB for Android

Despite the fact that Android is an open source operating system, most of the responsibility when developing it rests with Google. One of the advantages of the development being open is that, even if we have no idea of ​​programming, we can know the next new features of the system based on the contributions that they make to the Android source code itself.

UWB Ultra wide band

Support forUltra Wide Band, known by its abbreviation UWB is the latest development on which Google has started working. The company has already created the first contributions for an API for developers, a tool that allows any application created by it to use the same connectivity in a standard way.

The benefit of a standard API is that it does not require that each manufacturer must create their own solution that works with their ecosystem and that, as UWB-compatible mobile phones and home automation devices begin to arrive, it is enough to have devices with connectivity and that support is insured, choose the mobile you choose.

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UWB came first to the iPhone 11 and in this sense Android is late. However, that Android has its own solution is good to consolidate this solution that promises to replace Bluetooth, at least when it comes to home automation.

The Android entry will have support for the UWB connection: Google is already working on it, it appears first in The Free Android.