Android Auto 6.0 will introduce wallpaper support

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Android Auto will allow customization of the launcher

In November the news that users in Spain with Android Auto were going to receive soon were revealed. The new version of this system with number 6.0 is going to be launched very soon. This is not a revolutionary update, but it does leave us with a number of new features. One of the novelties most prominent is the presence of the wallpapers, which was already anticipated in autumn.

Android Auto 6.0 will allow users customize the wallpaper and a series of new wallpapers that can be used are also introduced. Personalization comes to this version of the system with this new version, as revealed in the APK of the same.

Wallpapers come to Android Auto

Android Auto wallpapers

This new version of Android Auto leaves us with the wallpapers as a great novelty, but it is possible that when the stable version is released we will be able to see all the changes there are. Google often makes improvements remotely, not always coinciding with the arrival of a new version, which means that you have to wait longer than desired to see all the improvements or news.

A total of twelve new wallpapers have already been discovered in this update. All these backgrounds have a clear automotive inspiration, with photos of roads, car details, such as seats or other components and related topics. Users will be able to choose from all of these backgrounds to customize the appearance.

New wallpapers that will arrive in Android Auto 6.0 have already been seen, although at the moment they are not available. The update is expected to be released shortly, so users will have access to this new version very soon and enjoy these funds and more news, which are currently unknown.

The fact that these wallpapers are already shown may mean that the support for them is close to arriving. Google has not announced anything at the moment, nor have they given dates. We can only wait to see when this support will come to Android Auto.

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