Android 11 for cheap mobile phones is official: Android 11 Go Edition

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Table of Contents

One of the biggest criticisms made of Android is that it increases more and more the hardware requirements to run smoothly. That is why Google created Android Go, a variant of the system designed for mobiles with tighter specifications, the cheapest.

A few days after the announcement of the standard version of Android 11 comes the light version, called Android 11 Go Edition. It will be used in the most basic terminals as long as they have, at most, 2 GB of RAM.

Android Go Edition is faster

As in previous versions of Android Go, in version 11 we have Google focusing on improving system speed as well as security.

Contrary to what happens in most mobiles, terminals with Android Go have very fair amounts of memory, which is why Google has managed to make mobiles open apps 20% faster it is no small thing.

With Android 11 features

Android 11 for cheap mobile phones is official: Android 11 Go Edition 1

Notifications in Android 11

Obviously, we have new functions, such as the view of Conversations in the notification curtain, one of the most liked features of Android 11.

We will also have the new Android 11 improvements related to the management of permissions and security, aspects that do not depend on the mobile hardware and that Google has also brought to the cheapest models.

Another inclusion that was already missed is the support for gestures. Mobile phones with Android Go Edition already have large screens and this type of system control is much more comfortable.

It may seem that there are not many mobiles with those 2 GB of maximum RAM that Google puts on top to use Android Go but as we read in XDA Developers, the number of terminals with that RAM has grown a lot in recent years.

The Android 11 entry for cheap mobiles is official: Android 11 Go Edition appears first in The Free Android.