Android 11 analysis on Vivo mobiles: this is Funtouch OS 11

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The last of the big players in the mobile industry to arrive in Spain has been alive. The Chinese manufacturer has landed a catalog that has entry-level, mid-range and high-end phones, but has reached an extremely competitive market.

Spain is one of the countries with the highest number of brands fighting for its users. We have the classic ones, like LG or Sony, the big ones like Samsung or Apple, the Chinese ones that have been around for a few years like Huawei or ZTE and also those that are trying to regain ground, like Motorola and Nokia. Added to all this are the Asian giants that have been around for a short time, such as OPPO and Xiaomi.

That alive landed here was a declaration of intent, specifically one that made us think they were coming to fight. What we did not expect is that one of the weapons was the Android updates.

vivo has succeeded with its Android layer

Android 11 analysis on Vivo mobiles: this is Funtouch OS 11

What surprised us the most about the arrival of vivo in Spain was without a doubt that it used a version of Funtouch OS, its graphical interface, very different from the one they have in China. Unlike brands like OPPO or Xiaomi, this manufacturer has chosen to use an extremely clean version, similar to the Pixel, with some specific improvements.

This is what firms like Asus or Nokia do, but we had not seen it in a firm that aspired to fight with the elderly.

And even less did we expect it to become one of the first companies to update their phones to Android 11. Vivo has already launched the OTA for updating the vivo X51 5G to Android 11 as we have told you and in a few days it should do the same with the rest of its catalog, as promised.

How is Android 11 on Funtouch OS 11

Android 11 analysis on Vivo mobiles: this is Funtouch OS 11

Like we did with Oxygen OS 11, we have looked at the new vivo interface, focusing on two things.

On the one hand, we discuss what are the improvements created by Google for Android 11 that have been kept in this interface. On the other hand, we also talk about things that he has integrated alive for his part, to improve the usability of their mobiles.

You have all this in a video in which we are going to comment, feature by feature, what Funtouch OS 11 is like.

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