Android 11 allows you to record voice calls with an app that is not for that

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Android 11 has become the first version of the operating system to have with a native application to record the screen. Thanks to it, users do not need third-party apps or the apps that come in some layers that are launched in Spain, such as One UI. This app that comes natively on the system can do more than just record the screen.

This app can be also use to record voice calls on the phone. So users will be able to use this native app on Android 11 also when they have a call, especially if their phone app doesn’t have this feature. It also means the return of this function to the operating system.

Record voice calls on Android 11

Android 11 record screen

The process is also really simple, since you just have to slide the notification panel on the phone and click on the record screen icon, so that the application will be activated. When doing this, it asks if you want to also record sound, so that the microphone will also be activated, so we click on this option. With these steps, said screen recording and voice call recording are activated in Android 11.

This function has some limitations, since if you want to hear the other person in the recording, you will have to activate the loudspeaker during that call. After the recording is finished, a video file is obtained as a result. If you are only interested in audio, you will have to use a tool with which to extract that audio from the video file.

When using this feature on Android 11, the other person does not know the call is being recorded, you do not receive a notice about it. This is something to keep in mind, since such recording could be considered illegal, depending on the purpose it has. This function has already been seen in the Pixels with the new version of the Google operating system.

It is possible that other devices that already have the new version of the operating system, which these weeks is reaching many models, have this function available. If you want to try it, you will have to use the native screen recording app to see if it works.

The Android 11 entry allows you to record voice calls with an app that is not for that, it appears first in The Free Android.