Android 10 arrives to the OPPO Reno2/Z, OPPO F11/F11 Pro, A9 and A17

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Many phones are currently updating to Android 10what we have seen with models prominent in the mid-range like the Samsung Galaxy A50. Now it is the turn of a brand like OPPO, that leaves us with this update for a number of its phones, which is obtained in this way, Android 10 with ColorOS 7, your new layer of customization, in an official way.

In this case, are the OPPO Reno2/Z, OPPO F11/F11 Pro, A9 and A17 the models that are getting the upgrade to the new version of the operating system. In addition to having access to ColorOS 7, the new version of the personalization layer of the mark. A stable update also, so this is not a beta.

Android 10 with ColorOS 7

Android 10

ColorOS 7 was made official this past fall, leaving a number of new features to the phones from OPPO. This version of the personalization layer it is based on Android 10so that the users will receive both updates of the operating system as the layer. It is assumed that along with the update is released also, a security patch, even though he has not mentioned anything.

These brand phones are receiving the update, although the series name of the same is different between models. The OPPO A9, F11 and F11 Pro are getting the update with name CPH1969EX_11.C.20. In the case of the OPPO Reno Z, your update has the name CPH1979_C.21while the OPPO Reno2 have an update with name CPH1907PUEX_11.C.25. In the last place, users with the OPPO R17 are receiving the update with name CPH1879EX_F.03.

This update is for all these brand phones will allow them to enjoy all the new features that were introduced in Android 10as the dark mode, new options for privacy or navigation by gestures. In addition you can also have access to the new features that are there in ColorOS 7. Many new features for users, therefore, with this update.

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The update to Android 10 for these OPPO phones it has begun to deploy world –. If you have any of these models, you will not have to wait too long to have access to the same.

In some cases it is expected that along this week is going to be deploying this update to all users. You will not have to do anything, simply wait to receive the notification that the update is available, because it is distributed through an OTA.

The entry Android 10 arrives to the OPPO Reno2/Z, OPPO F11/F11 Pro, A9 and A17 appears first in Android Free.