Analysis of the strategy game Auto Chess that is free to download

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Table of Contents

This is not a tower defense type title, since it looks more like Clash Royale than these … but it also has important differences with respect to the latter. The point is that the objective is not exactly new: defeat other users (yes, it is played online) by getting your troops to crush theirs. For this, there are two things that are basic in Auto Chess: the first is that you achieve over time that your units are more powerful and, the second, the placing these on the board which is the only thing that really inherits from chess.

Tutorial in Auto Chess

In the latter case, it is where the strategy you want to use comes into play and that you should combine it with the troops that appear to you since you can choose to participate in the combat (there is a limit, which you can know in the upper area and that depends on the game round you are in). That is to say, the individual bet is awarded at the beginning, but to achieve the final victory your army must be the most complete. One fact that seems very important to us is that, depending on your own level, the performance of your warriors will be better or worse, but the good news is that Auto Chess itself modulates the choice of rivals to secure compensation.

Is Auto Chess a complicated game

The truth is that learning to play is not complicated at all (it helps a lot that everything is well translated), since everything is very basic and, beyond placing the units on the board, there is little else to do to start the games. Of course, control the combination of units that gives them more power or choosing the right way so that the position is favorable takes a little more time … so you have to be patient to be sure that you have the right wickers to be one of the best.

Match in Auto Chess game

The way games are played in different rounds (usually eight) in which you have to defeat a group of chosen rivals and, in this way, you advance until you reach the final where you have to display the best you have and choose appropriately. If you win, you get different prizes that make it better and, obviously, that add more experience points. The fact is that Auto Chess is more or less like the Hunger Games, to get an idea.

Good compatibility and finish

Finally, it must be said that you can enjoy this game on terminals that are not powerful at all since, with a model with 3 GB and an eight-core processor, the user experience is excellent. This is because graphics are not particularly complex, but it does have a quality good enough to convince and be an attention-grabbing solution.

An important detail is that the connection that must be had to the Internet must not offer a high data transfer, since with being 3G you have enough bandwidth for you to enjoy Auto Chess without problems. The truth is that, being a job gratuitous that you can get in stores like Galaxy Store or Play Store, It’s worth giving it a shot.