Analysis of the application Radios de España free for Android

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Table of Contents

One of the best features of this development is that it will be very simple to use, something that is not particularly common today and that allows all types of users to take advantage of it without problems (regardless of their knowledge). The fact is that in just ten seconds you will be very clear about what you have to do to enjoy the radio wherever you are.

Completely translated, the way to stoke it is as follows: when you open Radios de España, a list with the stations that are available

(It is not possible to add manually, which is a bug, but it is true that more are gradually included with the updates). You just have to press in the chosen one and, automatically, the connection is established and everything begins to be heard, through the speaker of the terminal or some headphones if you have them connected.

You have to be connected to the Internet with Radios from Spain

By the way, the information is downloaded over the Internet, which requires a data consumption which is not particularly high, but it is necessary to take it into account in the case that you have a rate that does not have many gigs (if you are connected to a WiFi network, this is not a problem). By the way, as a positive data it is that when working in this way there will be no problems with the signal and, therefore, always the quality is high.

Usage options offered

They are not very high, which results in a ease to perform all kinds of actions. Thus, for example, you will not find an equalizer or bitrate management for each station that is included. This is important for some, but for others an addition that simply does not use the neck. The point is that you can do a couple of things:

  • Reorder the lists of stations that are in Radios in Spain, so you can place the first ones that you usually use on a regular basis. This is quite useful in use, as we have seen.
  • Hide stations from the list. What this does is that some of the options that you never use prevent them from being seen and, therefore, from bothering when browsing the list of available options for use. Good possibility that, obviously, can be changed if necessary.

By the way, when it comes to compatibility, you will not have any problem, since with a terminal with 2 GB of RAM and quad-core processor you can use it without many problems … but the fluency is not the best possible, (something that does happen with the models that include an extra gig of memory). The point is that it is not a particularly demanding development.

A worthwhile download

For all that has been said and taking into account that this is an application that download for freeThe truth is that, if you are a lover of FM radio, it is a good option to give this simple and effective Android development a try.