An action game to play with friends

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Table of Contents

It is a game that is qualified in the action genre, although it includes other areas such as role-playing and arcade gameplay. It is too similar to the classic card game ‘The Assassin’, which also has almost identical mechanics. Let’s see what this online and multiplatform title hides and what it is about.

Among us

Among Us: What it is and how it works

It is a totally online game to create games with rules custom 4 to 10 players at most. The same game takes place in a scenario that is usually a spaceship. In it, the crew must do a series of tasks that are very simple to achieve to fulfill the mission.

among us waiting room

But be careful, because there is one or more impostors among us, depending on the number of players in the game. That’s where the difficulty comes in, when we have to find out who they are before all the crew are killed. To do this, there are two ways: either the entire team fulfills all its tasks, or we expel from the ship who we believe is the impostor, since they will try to sabotage the aircraft.

among us chat

A fundamental pillar is communication with the team, which can be developed into meetings to chat and vote for imposters. It can be carried out if we report the appearance of a corpse, or by pressing the encounter button, although we only have one turn per player in the game. After voting, the game shows whether or not the expelled player is an imposter, since they will try to defend in chat, or at least disguise it. Incidentally, imposters will have false missions and vents to camouflage yourself on the map.

A blatantly arcade game

Among Us makes no effort to offer a realistic or at least worked experience. Just look for the fun of playing and cooperating with friends, something that is denoted so much in the scruffy graphics or in the missions to be carried out, so simple that any user could know how to do it without any problem.

among us departure

The animations are not very developed either. The two-dimensional graphics they do not allow avatars much more than to move horizontally and vertically, as well as use a button to kill the crew, without the use of weapons and with a pre-designed on-screen animation that changes from time to time.

It’s essential to know role-play your character, whether you are a crew member or an impostor so that the rest of the team does not suspect. It is not possible to speak during games or in the random assignment of the role, except in chat or voice meetings. Even as a dead crew member, players can continue to perform tasks to help the team and complete the global mission.

Among Us is multiplatform and totally free.

Another very noteworthy detail is that it can be played between several platforms, and despite being a paid title on desktop consoles, for mobile is totally free. We only have to pay if we want to access the accessories offered by the store to customize the character. The game offers both public games to join quickly, and private games to play with friends either with an invite code or locally.

among us game modes

Of course, like other massive online titles, it can be played not only with people from the same platform, but it also allows you to invite players from the computer, PS4 and Xbox One. Without demanding great technical requirements other than a stable connection to internet, we have detected small problems for join public games on crowded servers , although finally it is possible to enter some.