Amazon Prime Video now lets you watch movies with your friends in Spain

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Amazon Prime Video has become one of the streaming services most popular in Spain. So far this year they have introduced various new features on their platform, such as the arrival of a series of channels with additional content. Amazon now announces the arrival of an interesting feature for its service: Group video is official.

Group Video is a function that allows you watch series and movies on Amazon Prime Video with your friends, all at the same time, in addition to being able to chat live and comment on the content you are watching. The Amazon platform follows in this way in the footsteps of Disney +, although in its case with live chat.

Group Video Comes to Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video create group video

Users with a Prime Video account will be able to become hosts and thus create a group replay with Group Video. This function allows a synchronized reproduction of a content from the Amazon platform catalog, which the host will control at all times. In addition, we find a chat where the participants of this session will be able to communicate and comment on the content they are playing.

Up to 100 people can participate in a session In Group Video, in addition, all of them must have an account in this streaming service to be able to participate in one. Users will be able to enjoy this function in all the contents that are available on the platform to create these group sessions. To create one, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open Amazon Prime (on desktop or its application on Android or TV).
  2. Find the content you want to play with friends.
  3. Click on the Group Video icon.
  4. Enter your name (name that you want to use in the chat) and create your Group Video.
  5. Share the link with friends so they can join.
  6. Wait for everyone to enter, start playing.

Amazon Prime Video group video

Group Video chat will allow users to send messages and emojis, so it will be like a messaging application, where you can comment on this series or movie that you are watching, no matter where each one is. The new function is already launched for Amazon Prime Video users in Spain.

Amazon Prime Video now lets you watch movies with your friends in Spain 1


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