Amazon Music debuts version free for any user

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Amazon Music debuts version free for any user

In recent years we have seen a huge increase in the number of users of the platforms of streaming music. Spotify, but also Apple Music, or Tidal, have been able to change the industry forever.

One of the services of this type, less well-known is Amazon Musicone of the legs of the media conglomerate company of Jeff Bezos, which has several versions.

Until now, these services were paid through a monthly fee or by integrating within the package of Amazon Prime. But today the company launches a new version free for any user.

Amazon Music is now free, with restrictions

Amazon Prime Music

The new service launched today will allow you to use or listen to music to any user to register without giving your credit card or be a member of Amazon Prime. However, there are differences with respect to the paid versions, as it is logical.

To begin with, we have adsalthough for now they tend to be advertisements for other products from Amazon.

In addition, the search and the playback is limited to stations and lists, and we can not choose a specific song or jump to a precise time within the same

Compatible devices

Amazon Music debuts version free for any user 1

The new version does not differ from the others in terms of their availability, and we can play music in any device, from the Amazon Echo to the Fire TV. Of course, we can do it in the web or by downloading the app for Android:

Amazon Music debuts version free for any user 2

For example, we can manage this new service from Alexa, with commands such as “Alexa, put Rosalía” or “Alexa, put on some relaxing music”.

To use this new variant of the music streaming service of Amazon we just have to create an account on this platform, something that has no cost.

If you want to try the full version, of payment, you can make use of a promotion for the they give you three months at no cost.

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