All weather information in one widget: Glance Weather makes it possible

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A weather app is essential for Android users in Spain. The selection of weather applications that we can download is wide, with many well-known apps and new applications that are gaining a niche in the market. A very important aspect in this type of application is that it has a widget that gives a lot of information. If this matters to you, Glance Weather is the app you were looking for.

Glance Weather is a weather application that we can download on Android, which It has a very complete widget. In its widget it will give us all the weather information, so that it is always visible and so we know what the weather is or what it is going to do. In addition, we can download it for free.

A widget with a lot of weather information

Glance Weather configure

The Glance Weather widget follows a pretty interesting system, which we don’t see too often on Android. This widget shows an hourly weather forecast, so that we can see when it will rain, when it will be cloudy or when it will be clear hour by hour. Depending on the time, a different color will be displayed, which is what the forecast will indicate each hour. The color system used is:

  • In case of a lot of rain or flood: black color.
  • If it starts to rain: dark blue.
  • Cloudy: gray.
  • Clear: blue / light blue.

Each hour of the day will show a different bar, whose color will be represented by the time that is expected to do at that time. That is, if it is expected that at 2 in the afternoon it will rain, it will be dark blue, but if at 3 it will be clear, we will see a light blue color. The evolution of the colors throughout the day will allow us to have a direct view of the expected weather directly in this widget on the home screen.

Glance Weather widget

In addition to this data, Glance Weather also includes the temperature in said widget. This is indicated by a line in each bar, so that it is possible for us to see the evolution of the temperature throughout the day. The application also shows the wind, with its intensity in each hour, making it possible to also see this evolution.

Glance Weather provides a very complete widget, with precise information and that is available in a very visual way. So if you were looking for a weather application where the widget plays an important role, this is a great option to install on Android.

How to download Glance Weather on Android

Glance Weather download is free and the application is available in the Play Store. Inside there are no ads or purchases, so you can enjoy good weather information at all times on your Android mobile. Ideal if you were looking for an app that gives you a good widget.

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