All the Christmas lottery on your mobile with TuLotero

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Table of Contents

All the Christmas lottery on your mobile with TuLotero 1

Christmas is just around the corner and with it, the classic Lottery draws and dreams of what we would do if we got “a pinch”. If you want play Lottery directly from your mobile, without commissions and being able to buy tickets from Administrations throughout Spain, TuLotero is the app you need.

TuLotero is the main application to play Lottery from the smartphone and with which we can say goodbye to physical tickets. In recent years, they have distributed multiple prizes to users of the app, including the Gordo de Navidad 2019, as well as the second, third, fourth and fifth prizes. And not only prizes from the National Lottery, it also gave the prize of 130 million euros of Euromillion last year to a Spanish user.

Play Lottery anywhere

All the Christmas lottery on your mobile with TuLotero 2

During Christmas, TuLotero is the most downloaded application, it is available on iOS, Android and also from its own website on the computer or any other device. If you do not know it, in essence it allows us buy and manage our tickets and tickets for all kinds of raffles, including Christmas specials.

Forget going to the physical administrations, remembering where you have saved the tenth or the hassles to share participations with friends. TuLotero is free, you can buy tickets without leaving home and without commissions, at the same price as in a Lottery Administration.

In that sense, the application is 100% safe, everything is processed by the network of State Lotteries and Betting and they have more than 380 associated Administrations throughout Spain. This means that we can access more than 60,000 different numbers from the app. And if we want our tenth physically, we can always request it by courier or with collection in an administration.

If luck is on our side and we are awarded in a draw, the collection of the prizes is made directly to our bank account, No commissions, safely and anonymously.

All the Christmas lottery on your mobile with TuLotero 3

Share tickets with whoever you want

Another great feature of TuLotero is the ability to organize groups to play the Lottery and share décimos or tickets with our friends and family. We just have to select them in our agenda and their participation will be associated with their account. Easy, fast and hassle-free.

On the other hand, if you tend to always buy the same numbers, you can subscribe to draws to play those favorite numbers automatically, draw after draw.

Finally, you will receive the results of the giveaways instantly through push notifications. TuLotero is completely free and is available for iOS in the Apple App Store, in the Huawei App Galery and in Android by following the steps in this link to install the app.

Also, from The Free Android We are giving away a € 1 share of the TuLotero Christmas issueWith the code Android.

All the Christmas lottery on your mobile with TuLotero 4

To add this code, register for free and display the side menu of the TuLotero application, there you will see the option “Activate promotions”. Add the code Androidand you will automatically add the € 1 stake to your account. If you want to buy more, you can do it from the Peñas section of the app.

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