All new Samsung mobiles will block SPAM calls automatically

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All new Samsung mobiles will block SPAM calls automatically

It is becoming more and more common to use alternative forms of communication to phone calls. In Spain, for example, WhatsApp has become the de facto way of talking to someone or contacting a company.

Despite this, there are still many who make many calls and, above all, we are all exposed to receiving them.

This is not per se a problem, but it can be inconvenient when they are unsolicited SPAM calls.

All new Samsung mobiles will block SPAM calls automatically

The new Samsung will block SPAM calls automatically

The Korean company has signed an agreement with the Hiya company to implement an automatic blocking system for unwanted calls in its new mobiles.

This type of call, often made from a robot that makes thousands of requests per minute, is a problem in many countries. In fact, the laws of many states prohibit these types of calls.

Samsung is not the first manufacturer to implement this and we already saw how Google did it in its phone application.

As of Note 20, which will be the first model in which the function is operational, we can activate the Smart Call option in the settings in the call app, activating the protection of SPAM calls.

Despite the fact that the legislation, and the mobile operators themselves, have been moving for a while to face this problem, it is appreciated that mobile manufacturers join them.

This function will be available on all mobile phones that Samsung will launch in 2021 and it is expected that beyond as well since the agreement with Hiya is until 2025.

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