Alexa will know before you do when you want to use its features

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Alexa is Amazon’s smart assistant, that continues to gain presence in Spain. This assistant is incorporating a multitude of new functions, such as the possibility of working as an alarm. Amazon has announced a new feature for its assistant, called Hunches (habits), which will allow your assistant to learn from the user’s habits.

This new function will allow Alexa act proactively in our home, since we will not have to call the assistant when we want something. It will anticipate such requests, such as knowing when you are going to sleep and then turning off the lights. Amazon launches this feature with the Guard Plus service that turns it into an alarm.

Alexa will anticipate your requests

Alexa Amazon Echo Dot

Thanks to this new function, Alexa will be allowed to control other devices at home, no need for user confirmation. The Amazon assistant will be able to adjust the thermostat or turn off the lights automatically, if it considers that the user is away from home or is sleeping, for example.

The new function is integrated into the assistant’s skills, as well as its integration with other household devices. Developers have the PowerController API available in these habits to provide these automation features. If the assistant considers that you are not at home, he will turn off the lights automatically. They rely on what Amazon calls hunches for it, which arise from the wizard’s learning of usage patterns user. Based on this data they will know when to turn off the lights or adjust the thermostat, for example.

Report the status of a device will help improve the accuracy of Alexa. In addition, Amazon offers developers a series of tools for the assistant to control other devices by voice. This means that said device can be coordinated with these Habits, in order to have an automated operation of it.

Alexa Amazon Habits

Although Alexa will be able to work automatically, it is possible to send us a notification asking if we want it to do such an action (like turning off the light). In order to use this Hunches function, We will have to share more user experience data with the device, to allow the assistant and the device to coordinate and perform these tasks with greater precision.

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