Adidas gives you 3 months of premium for just because you work at home

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Adidas gives you 3 months of premium for just because you work at home 1

Over the next few weeks we have to stay at home due to the coronavirus. A situation that is not pleasant, which alters our day-to-day and work, and that prevents us to do many of the things that we like or that we do usually, as a train. Luckily, there are apps for workout at home, as Runtastic Adidasthat leave us now with a great news.

Because due to the current situation, Adidas gives users access to the premium version of Runtastic for 3 months free of charge. This will allow you to have access to a huge amount of different exercises that you can perform in your home during this quarantine. So, you’re going to keep in shape.

Video of exercises and workout plans for free

Watch video

Within the application there are more than 260 videos with exercises or workout plans, that you are going to be of help to keep you active and in shape during this time. In addition, these videos are available in 15 different languages, so that you will not have problems to follow them. Adidas provides us with this free of charge on a temporary basis.

There are exercises and routines that you can follow at home, that they conform to our physical level. In addition, there is a whole community of users, so that you’ll be able to keep motivated at all times, or exchange tips, tricks and ideas during this time. Everything you need for you to go to keep active and in shape during this quarantine.

Anyone going to be able to benefit from this promotion Adidas. Only you’ll have to install the application on your phone and choose the premium plan, that will tell you that during these three months is available for free. A good way to keep in shape and be able to do exercise without leaving your house when you want. You can download the application from this link:

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