A simulator to fix houses on Android

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Table of Contents

The game is developed by PlayWay SA, a truly expert company in the field of mobile simulators. Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, Ultimate Fishing Simulator … all of them with a high technical level and faithful to the activity in which it is inspired. This reform game is not going to be an exception in this regard.

House Flipper: Simulator, design and decorate

A simulator to fix houses

If we go to the important and bluntly, House Flipper is a title where you have your own renovation and interior design company, having to completely renovate homes and then get the highest possible income from them. So here you are a freelancer who works alone and has to roll up his sleeves to do all kinds of shoddy things. Well … maybe you are not as alone as it seems, since you will meet characters of all kinds, including squatters that have taken over some properties and that you will have to deal with.

house flipper graphics

As in all good free to play, As you progress through the game, you will improve your tools and, consequently, your techniques, not counting the content that you can purchase for real money. You must go up from level to level by completing various tasks that the game itself will propose to you. He not only tries to buy the materials unceremoniously, but also you will learn the history and provenance of the items you use and buy.

In short, the more cash you accumulate, the more chances you have to acquire properties and give them a new touch. Apart from improving your resume and your experience, you will also act as a real estate agency to rent or sell restored properties, and thus, earn extra money.

House Flipper, from anonymity to being a benchmark

As in any game and, above all, in the case of a simulator, the beginnings are going to be hard. We start with little money and little popularity, so we are going to touch the worst houses seen in history and perform the least desirable tasks, such as cleaning the dirt, throwing out the trash or fixing the mess. Come on, it is more a cleaning simulator than a house renovation.

house flipper tasks

But, little by little, we are leaving behind the role of ‘chacha’ to start making important changes in a house. Formwork, destroy walls, redesign rooms and give a custom color to the interior of the house. Renovate a nursery, build an underground bunker for a lunatic, sell his old office and build a new one … A collection of seemingly crazy concepts for a video game that, however, they manage to contribute variety and news to a formula that is quite scarce on mobile phones.

In short, from the typical handyman who fixes a pipe, you go on to control the business of renovations, which entails acquiring a house in ruin, leaving it like the jets of gold and customizing it to the taste of potential buyers who are commenting on you what needs are they looking for in your new home.

Conclusions of the House Flipper simulator

Play Way SA He has done a great job again with this renovation simulator, which gives an opportunity to arrange houses of all kinds to suit everyone. A game that takes care of the smallest detail and in which you can fulfill different facets, whether as a plumber, painter, heating technician or as a renovation tycoon, which would be the last step. A realistic experience that is extends into 20 playable hours approximately.

house flipper houses

Its gameplay, somewhat slow and heavy at the beginning, ends up being addictive every time a level is passed, as it is very gratifying to finish all the tiles and leave the house new and tidy. On a technical level, the title takes care of all the most insignificant elements and objects such as a bottle of detergent, in addition to processing some 60 FPS fluids. In short, it is an attractive game both for lovers of DIY and renovations, and for those who are not interested in this world.