A screen that comes out of the frame: this is the new Samsung patent

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Table of Contents

Samsung new patent

Samsung is one of the most innovative brands in the market, something that we have seen with its range of folding telephones, available in Spain. In addition, the manufacturer has a large number of patents, with all kinds of designs. The new patent that has been leaked already shows the desire for innovation that exists within the brand.

A screen popping out of the phone’s chassis, this is what we can see in the new Samsung patent. A kind of pop-up system, whereby the device’s screen could partially come out of the phone’s chassis. An interesting idea, with which the brand would seek to revolutionize the market.

Samsung’s new patent

Samsung patent screen comes out of the chassis

Samsung makes it possible for the display pops out of the chassis thanks to the use of a flexible panel, which has the ability to fold slightly forward, to then come out of the phone chassis. This causes the device to have a separate soundboard for the speaker, so that the sound can be amplified and made louder, obtaining a professional sound experience in it.

This phone would have a separate front panel and rear panel. In addition, the speakers, the microphones, the front camera and the rest of the components would be interchanged between the two panels and would be fitted to the front panel. These components can be moved with the front panel and the flexible display. The upper part of the screen performs an inward folding movement, without the case moving with it.

Samsung screen comes out of the chassis

For this folding panel, the brand would use plastic polymer, which is the same material used in the original Galaxy Fold. Although in later generations, Samsung has used an ultra-thin glass panel, therefore, it would not be strange if this also happened with this type of panel, if in the future they are massively produced.

Screen patent comes out of the chassis

It was in February of this year when Samsung patented this device, although it was not until last week that its registration was made official and that is when the information about it has been accessed. For now we should treat this for what it is: a patent. It is not known if the company will launch such a phone in the future or not, but at least it is interesting to see a different design than what we are used to.

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