A screen duplicator identical to the Chromecast: thus the new Xiaomi device

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Xiaomi is leaving us with many news this morning after the presentation of the Redmi K30s, which is unlikely to arrive in Spain since here we have the Xiaomi Mi 10T which is identical. The brand has also presented a new device, which at first glance is a clone of Google’s Chromecast, although its operation could not be more different in this case.

This device, whose name Mi Pai but could be translated as Xiaomi Wireless Screen Projector, is a screen duplicator, which will be able to broadcast what is happening on your phone screen on other screens (monitor, television or on a projector), without the need for a WiFi network to do this.

This is the new Xiaomi device

Xiaomi screen duplicator

The design of this Xiaomi device is identical to that of the Google Chromecast, as you can see, with two clearly differentiated parts. On one side is the HDMI port, where the signal is expected to be received on the selected screen, while on the other side is the transmitter with a USB-C cable, which will be able to be connected to the phone whose screen you want broadcast on other devices.

This device of the Chinese brand stands out because it will operate over a generated WiFi network by the device itself. In this way, you will not need an Internet connection to work. In addition, it will be able to be used to project several screens at the same time. The device also comes with support for Full HD content and has a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Xiaomi Wireless Screen Projector

It will be compatible with all kinds of Android devices, not only with Xiaomi phones, as well as computers that use Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 and Windows 10, as well as any Apple device that uses macOS 10.10 or higher versions.

At the moment this Xiaomi device is going to be launched only in China, with a selling price of 299 yuan, which is about 37 euros to change. Nothing is known about an international launch, so we will be watching for more news about its launch.

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