A mobile without Android capable of running Android apps: this is the Librem 5

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The mobile phone market in Spain is dominated by two operating systems: Android and iOS. In simple and cheaper mobiles we are seeing how KaiOS also gains presence, with Google even investing in it. Typically, when one operating system is used, it is not possible to run the other’s own applications.

Although there is a phone on the market that does not use any of these operating systems, but it can run Android applications. This is the Librem 5, a phone that uses Linux as the operating system, in your case PureOS, based on Linux. Now it is compatible with Android apps.

This is the Librem 5 that runs Android apps

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The Librem 5 from Purism is not the first phone on the market to use Linux, although the use of this operating system does not mean that you will lose the many advantages or options that Android has. Since it has now been confirmed to be compatible with Android apps. This model executes the applications of the Google operating system in a similar way to the one that is done in ChromeOS, the system of Chromebooks.

Thanks to this, it is possible to run Android applications without problems, but maintaining privacy and protection that PureOS provides. The idea is that users can have access to these apps at all times, but that their privacy will be put at risk. Since the user is given full control over the hardware, something that differentiates them from other phones on the current market.

Taking into account that privacy is an issue that increasingly worries users, the emergence of alternatives to operating systems such as Android is something that makes the market more varied. So Phones like the Librem 5 seek to give the best of both worlds: a private and secure user experience, but having access to a huge number of applications in a simple way.

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