a mixer to create songs on Android

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Table of Contents

Little presentation needs an app so veteran and popular among users, although we come with a deep analysis to know all its details and if it measures up to the heights in which we are. It is an app to become a DJ from your mobile and without moving to a studio. Although of course, for a more amateur level.

DJ Studio 5 - Free Mixer
DJ Studio 5 - Free Mixer

An app to become a DJ, although with limitations

It has the typical elements and options of an application of this type: two vinyls to play songs simultaneously, controls to add songs or playlists to these decks, controls to perform the sound balance, equalizer, CUE and a specific interface to apply effects.

dj studio mixer

DJ Studio 5 includes all the effects and features for free. In this way we will have access from the first moment to all its characteristics to exception of skins paid. And this turns out to be one of the most favorable points that the app has, since no function is saved to a more premium plan. Virtually all the options are available at absolutely no cost, specifically we refer to the options related to the production of musical effects and editing in general. These skins, apart from customizing the turntables, can be used to eliminate ads, which usually appear while using DJ Studio 5.

Among some of these characteristics, it offers us a mixing table with two plates that allows us to apply in real time up to eight sound effects, loops, use its 10 customizable sample pads to add sounds on top, use your equalizer to modify the volume at different frequencies, add multiple songs to your playlist, and use your automatic mixing function so that the application itself does the music session.

In addition, it has all the basic tools for a mixing console, such as the possibility of making pitch Y scratch on both decks simultaneously, change the volume balance between the decks, we can make recordings in situ sessions or advanced BPM (beats per minute) control to modify the speed of the song.

dj studio 5 effects

Another point in favor of DJ Studio 5 compared to its competitors is that it allows you to configure the sound engine and other options to allow the application to run smoothly on low-mid-range smartphones. We will lose some important features like the scratch Hi-Fi, but it will allow us to run the application on modest devices. Perhaps it is something with a decreasing utility, since all mobiles can move this app without problem, although the detail is appreciated.

It also has limitations, since it is still a mobile application. Aside from the overwhelming logic of not having all the controls of a physical mixer, it has other functional limitations. Some of them are that the BPM cannot be adjusted with the tap, there are adjustments that do not go according to the tempo of the music and, therefore, it does not allow the tracks to be synchronized as it should. However, for basic use, it offers a more than sufficient experience.

DJ Studio 5’s design isn’t the most innovative

DJ Studio 5 offers a minimalist interface with a fairly classic style, which makes the application enjoyable to work with. However, we noticed from certain parts and from the interface outside of the mixer, that the design is starting to get a bit outdated. The settings menus and the file explorer are not the most innovative on the market, which suggests that this section has not been worked on enough.

dj studio 5 settings

What the development team has done a great job is that we can use the application with the mobile both vertically and horizontally. However, it makes more sense to use the landscape format, since normally we will use the app to mix two songs and create different effects in both to, who knows, launch what could be a future success.