A minimalist and very secure note app free for a limited time: Simpan

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Table of Contents

A good notes app It is essential in Android phones in Spain. The selection of note applications that we find is currently wide, we can even transform Telegram into a notes app. If you were looking for a new notes app that is simple to use, but also protects what you have saved, Simpan is your application.

Simpan is a note app that usually costs money, 1.39 euros to be precise. Although temporarily for seven days, we can download it for free from the Google Play Store. An application to take into account for its good design and security.

A versatile and safe note app

Simpan create note

Simpan is an application to save all kinds of texts. Since we can create or save notes in the app, but also links or plans (reminders), so it is an application that combines several services that will be useful to us. In addition, the way to create a new note is very easy, since you only have to click on the Save Note button.

When creating a note in the app, we are given quite a few options. To have everything well organized, we can create categories, to have our notes grouped into categories. We can also add a cover photo to each note, in case we want it to be easier to recognize said note in the application. The creation of the note itself does not differ from other apps, since we give it a title and enter the content and when it is ready, click on save.

Simpan interface and dark mode

Simpan’s interface is very simple, with a sidebar where we have all the options, so moving between them will be very easy. In the settings section we can activate or deactivate its dark mode, or change the position of the side menu, which we can place to the left or right. We can also change the language of the app in its settings.

Simpan security

One of the highlights of Simpan is that it is a secure note app. Since in the security section, if we have created an account in the application, we can activate the options of login with username and password or with fingerprint. This will mean that no one will enter the app without permission, only we can enter. This way we will be able to prevent someone from reading our notes.

How to download Simpan on Android

This notes app is temporarily free in the Play Store, for seven days, as we discussed before. Normally, the price of Simpan is 1.39 euros. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to take into account, to download this app on your Android mobile. You can do it from this link:

A minimalist and very secure note app free for a limited time: Simpan 1


The entrance A minimalist and very secure note app free for a limited time: Simpan appears first in The Free Android.