A minimalist and efficient launcher for Android: Niagara Launcher

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Table of Contents

Mobile personalization is something that users Android in Spain value and that can be achieved in many ways. A launcher is the easiest way to change the appearance of your phone, which also allows you to make better use of it. The selection of launchers for Android is wide, we have already told you about many. Niagara Launcher is now added to this list.

Niagara Launcher comes out of its beta and already launch its first stable version for Android phones. We meet before a minimalist launcher, which seeks that we can use the phone efficiently, avoiding distractions or spending too much time in apps that we should not be using.

Minimalist, efficient and customizable

Niagara Launcher home

Niagara Launcher has a minimalist aesthetic, which will allow comfortable use of it. An interesting aspect of the launcher is that we allows you to choose eight applications, which will be the ones that are displayed at all times on the home screen. So we will have those apps that we use the most or most important are always accessible from the home screen. This will allow you to reduce distractions and use only essential apps. If there are apps that we don’t want to see, the launcher allows us to hide them.

The rest of the applications are in list form, which can be accessed from the sides of the screen and we can navigate between them easily, in addition, this design is designed so that it can be used with one hand. This is something that contributes to the lightness of the launcher, which is light and does not consume hardly any resources on the phone, so it always gives a fluid experience.

Niagara Launcher interface

The home screen is important for Niagara Launcher, because we can see information about the messages in it, allowing us to see entire messages or respond directly to it. Also when playing music a box will be displayed on the home screen, where we can easily control said playback.

Niagara Launcher settings

Further, it is a launcher that adapts well to your phone. It will take the color of the wallpaper to get a nice thematic effect. The launcher has dark theme and light theme. It also has support for icon packs, also allowing to change the application icons individually.

How to download Niagara Launcher on Android

The stable version of Niagara Launcher is already launched on the Play Store, where we can download it for free. This launcher has a premium version, where we have additional functions, such as a weather widget, an integrated calendar, custom gestures, custom fonts, and a pack of app icons.

If you want this premium version you can pay 5.99 euros per year, but you can also pay 15.99 euros once to have it forever. On the occasion of its launch we have a discount on its prices, the annual fee now being 3.99 euros, while the single payment is 10.99 euros. This promotion is temporary.

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