A lighter and thinner Samsung Galaxy Z Fold would arrive in 2021

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Samsung launched its latest folding, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, in Spain in September. This model has shown the advancement of the brand in the field of folding. Looking ahead to next year, the company will continue betting on folding phones, with a series of launches planned in this regard, up to five models.

One of the phones that Samsung will launch in 2021 is the successor to this year’s Galaxy Z Fold. We have been hearing rumors about this phone for a few weeks, but it seems that there will be an important change, because it will be a thinner and lighter model than its predecessors.

A thinner and lighter Galaxy Z Fold

Samsung folding 2021

Has been during a presentation at the Samsung Investor Forum where the company has dropped some data on its next folding. In this presentation they have commented that folding mobiles are not yet a conventional product category, but that they are still a very small and specific niche in the market. Its main objectives are to improve these devices for the consumer, as well as to make their production more efficient.

The brand seeks to popularize this range of folding, in addition to improving it. One of the ways they will do this is to keep making improvements to the design of the phones. One aspect that has been mentioned in the presentation is that consumers want a thinner and lighter folding, opening the door for these to be changes that we will see in the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in 2021.

Samsung has said that the folding will be thinner and lighter in the future, with each generation that is released. The brand’s current foldables are noticeably heavier than its regular phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 for example weighs 278 grams. So it is important that future generations are lighter, which will allow a more comfortable use.

Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung is still the brand that is betting on folding on Android. 2021 promises to be an interesting year with rollable phones, like LG’s or OPPO’s. The Korean firm will leave us with various folding, including this next model in the Fold range, which is expected to be lighter and thinner, and according to rumors of weeks ago, with a camera under the screen.

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