A Great Theft Auto for Android

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Table of Contents

It precisely seeks to fill that gap that no one has yet claimed as a leader in being the adaptation of the GTA for mobile. There are other sagas like Gangstar Las Vegas that are coming up, but this title is very interesting for all the conditions it offers… completely free.

Miami Criminal Life In Open World
Miami Criminal Life In Open World

Miami Criminal Life, a free open world

In these cases, the pop-up ads could not be absent, which are not scarce but not at all intrusive, which in fact do not interfere with the game. Leaving that aside, the title offers an open world inspired by the city of Miami, although we obviously find few similarities with the actual appearance of it. In the graphic section, it is a game that has its limitations, but not negligible for a title on Android.

miami criminal life open world

In this open world, we have several options to choose from, such as the vehicle, the weapons or the character that we are going to take to do crazy things. Each section has several models, but they must be unlock with coins that we get by watching ads or doing missions. And it is that even in the open world we can do some tasks so that the game is not monotonous and that it has a certain argumentation.

miami criminal life shooting range

Character physics lag somewhat behind for the current generation, although it makes up for it with multiple moves to jump, strike with a kick, or swap fists for a weapon with a simple button. The controls, yes, they are something rough in handling. Finally, we can do whatever we like, like run over pedestrians, explode cars or shoot, since the police will do absolutely nothing … or so it seems.

Game modes in Criminal Life

Apart from the open world, which is undoubtedly the great attraction to make the pimp freely, there are other game modes in which we can spend long periods of time. Specifically there are two, one of them to practice and the other a little more worked. The first is a shooting range with various levels of difficulty, to acclimatize to the playability of the controls and the firing of different weapons.

miami criminal life game modes

The other is a robbery mode with different missions to carry out, where we already have a greater complexity and there is a much more attractive purpose, which is to earn more money. Yes, it is necessary complete 10 levels from the shooting range to participate in the latter mode, all obviously in an offline environment and without the need for an internet connection.